Fantasy English

The Dragon Queen Series

#1 Blood Curse

Blood cursesingle

Schrijver: Ursula Visser
Editor: Helen Baggott
Pagina’s: 115
Publicatie 1e druk: december 2017


The moment Mara took two beautiful eggs from a hidden burrow on forbidden land, she sealed her fate. Her actions triggered a ripple effect which could not be stopped.

Forced to accept a deal she never wanted, Mara ventures into an unknown land, led by a Dragon Queen. A new ripple is created, affecting everything she is, was, and hoped to be.

Blood Curse is the first book in The Dragon Queen series.

De paperback: € 14,95 (ISBN 978949270202 09)  en bij Amazon € 8,99
Ebook: € 2,99

#2 Blood Rivals

blood rivalssingle

Schrijver: Ursula Visser
Editor: Helen Baggott
Pagina’s: 156
Publicatie 1e druk: december 2018


Just days after Mara won the Dragonder, she is forced to relocate to the Dusty Mountains as Damos’ future wife.

Still coming to terms with her new self, she takes on a mission which might be more than she can handle. Determined to succeed, Mara ignores valuable advice. She should have taken notice of the wise words given to her.

Nothing feeds her enemies’ hatred more than the prosperities of a Blood Rival.

De paperback: € 14,95 (ISBN 9789492702104) bij Amazon € 9,99
Ebook: € 3,99

#3 Blood Magic

155523059814-04-2019 klein

Schrijver: Ursula Visser
Editor: Helen Baggott
Pagina’s: 221
Publicatie verwacht najaar 2019

Secrets which were meant to stay hidden, and shadows that lurked in the dark,
have torn Mara’s world apart.

A dagger, empowered by magic pushed her over the edge.

Forced to embrace the fire of the beast, Mara sets her dragon heart free.
Will it be enough, when her enemy claims everything she fought for?

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