Science Fiction English

The Origins of Yana Paisley

Schrijver: Ursula visser

The Origins of Yana Paisley mei 2020

Editor: Helen Baggott
Publicatie 1e druk: mei 2020
Prijs: € 16,95
E-boek € 4,99

When successful nano-scientist Yana Paisley is mortally wounded, only one thing can save her life; she becomes the product of her own invention.

With her new abilities she is able to push her work to another level, until a devastating event changes everything; the government orders a total ban on her kind, and the hunt is on.

Meanwhile, her partner on the project Gordon Valez worms his way out of the trouble he’s in – or so he hopes. Every solution creates new problems and eventually his world collapses, taking Yana along with him.

Being the best used to be enough – but can the best survive?

Terra Nova


Schrijver: Ursula visser
Editor: Helen Baggott
Pagina’s: 35
Publicatie 1e druk: 2019



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